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FullSizeRender 4I haven’t written a blog post for a while, because I’ve been trying to write my novel. When I say ‘write my novel’ I mean telling the (slowly developing) plot to anyone who will listen, and thereby reducing, slowly but surely, the number of people who might read it, should it ever be published.

It turns out this writing a book lark is harder than it looks and, like so many things in life, not made easier by having two small children about your person much of the time.

Neither is it made easier by going on a demented health kick, which is what I am doing at the moment. I am exercising to the point of great agony and simultaneously reducing my brain fuel. I am pretty sure I am losing brain weight, which is not where I have it to spare. (more…)

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Today May Blossom and I went to a new (to us) local playgroup. There, in front of eight or so other mothers and a dozen kids, she had a complete meltdown. It was a proper toddler-sized one, complete with tears, snot, foot stamping, shrieking and furious air-punching. It came about because she had been driving around for ages in one of two big plastic toy cars. She loved it. A little boy, a year or two older than her and quite shy, clearly wanted a turn, so I explained that and after giving her the chance to hop out and give him a go, I removed her from the car. You’d have thought I’d drowned her kitten.

It probably wasn’t as awful to others as it was to me, but most of the other mums there have two or more kids, and I suddenly felt like a complete beginner. Were they judging me? Did they think I was a bad mother? Or worse, did they think May Blossom was a horrible child? It was a trial visit and if we are asked back it could become a regular part of our routine. I so wanted us to make a good impression. (more…)

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