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Here’s a blurry picture of the creature to be known henceforth as NB. Those are the initials of its in utero name, but could equally stand for New Born, Next Baby, Nota Bene or, optimistically, No Bother. (Or Nasal Bone, which may be why NB is stamped next to its Nasal Bone.)

I’m twelve weeks pregnant, so I’ve finally given myself permission to write about it. You may have been wondering – or you may not have, I do realise you have other things on your mind – why this blog has been so quiet of late, and why the posts have mainly been alternating between ‘OH MY GOD THE STATE OF THIS HOUSE’ and ‘Hurrah for soup!’ in tone. It’s because for the last eight weeks all I have wanted to write was ‘Dear Blog, I feel sick.’ (more…)

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