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IMG_7130Last week was the Sydney Writers’ Festival and I spent too much time around people who muck about with words for a living. So I hope you’ll forgive me for a flight of poetic fancy I have taken today. Here is a poem, in honour of the crisp autumn weather and the deep love I have for my children and the disgusting state of my handbag. I present it with apology to ee cummings, whose verses I have adapted.


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Today is a day when I was supposed to do lots of things. They involved complicated childcare arrangements and people rearranging their days to help me and upheaval aplenty. Due to a minor medical test I was supposed to fast for six hours from 8 am until 2 pm. I was meant to go see a potential kindergarten for May Blossom. I was meant to call the electrician and the plumber and maybe look at air-conditioners and chore chore chore chore chore. Added to this, May Blossom had her 12 month vaccinations yesterday and I’m pretty sure they injected her with a new drug called Overproof Awake, plus a dose of Summer Cold and a little Kickwiggle serum. No one slept last night. Panadol was no match for May Blossom.

Fortunately, Other Jess turned up this morning with a tub of vanilla ice-cream and the words ‘iced coffee’ on her lips. I cancelled my doctor’s appointment and wrote myself an excuse note. (more…)

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