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FullSizeRender 3Last week, for the first time, Garnet asked me what my job is. It’s a wonderful moment when your child starts to show an interest in you, as a person.  I told him I am a writer and an editor. He then asked what an editor is. I told him an editor helps other writers make their writing better.

But I’m confused, because although I think that’s what I said, what he seems to have heard is, ‘I am a Lego Detective. I can find any piece of Lego, anywhere in our house or car. I only need three seconds to do this.

‘I am also the repository of knowledge of the whereabouts of everything else we own. I keep track, at all times, of where the extra lid to your new water bottle is, which I last saw when you took it out of the room I was in five days ago. I am a tracking system for the black button that fell off your old raincoat and which you now treasure. (more…)

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sadcatA few days ago May Blossom and I were listening to Buddy Holly (because the main perk of parenthood of toddlers and younger is controlling the music they can choose from). ‘Why is it raining in that man’s heart, Mummy?’ she asked me. ‘Why isn’t the sun there?’

‘It means he’s sad,’ I told her. ‘It’s a metaphor. Why do you think he’s sad?’ (more…)

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