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Wild scenes: May Blossom out of control in the moshpit. Tip her over, pour her out.

We’ve just returned from the Play School Concert. If you’re not from Australia, I ought to explain that Play School is a half-hour television program made and broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for pre-schoolers. It has been running since 1966. Each episode is hosted by two actors, appearing as themselves, and basically they mind your kid in a educational way for half an hour twice a day with no shouting and no mess. It’s amazing. Australian taxpayers each pay about ten cents a day to fund the ABC. I’d pay ten dollars just for Play School.

May Blossom doesn’t watch it every day – maybe three times a week – but she is a passionate fan. My only quibble with the show is the way they put unreasonable expectations in your kid’s mind about what can be done with toilet rolls, watercolours and paste. Nothing good, if you ask me, but they’d have you believe you can make castles and tractors and whatnot, without ending up with a very pasty, painty child with bits of foil and tissue stuck to their wrists who is furious that all their watercolours have ended up looking like spew. (more…)

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Swimming in an ocean rock pool. I am a bit slow, clearly, but I have finally discovered a place that has all the nice seawater of the beach, but no horrible sand and no scary waves. It is bloody freezing, but once you go numb it’s refreshing and makes me feel brave. There are also lots of interesting old people to talk to while you swim.

Eating five-hour Greek leg of lamb, bought from our local butcher down here. I’ll tell you more about him another day, but he is known in our family as the perpetually surprised butcher, because everything we ever say seems to astonish him. Today he told us that yesterday his daughter’s longtime boyfriend had come all the way out to the shop to ask him for his daughter’s hand in marriage. It is top secret, as the boyfriend hasn’t proposed yet. I am certain we were not the first to be told this secret today. (more…)

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