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H has been a bit under the weather this week, so yesterday May Blossom and I went out to the back garden, a weedy jungle  that has been roundly ignored since her birth, and picked him a bunch of flowers. We managed to find some dahlias, and oregano and mint that had gone to flower. We arranged them using a canny stuffing technique, shoving them into an alabaster vase I bought H home from Italy four years ago as an apology for running away to America and Europe without him for three months. (more…)

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Is there something in your house that is vile and shameful? Something you and all who dwell with you close your eyes to and ignore, but you can’t really ignore it because the more you try the more it becomes the only thing you can see? Something you pretend is brown grout, when deep down you know that as ugly and dated as your nineteen-forties bathroom is, even back then no-one used brown grout. Something that deep down you know is mould? (more…)

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